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Nice and heavy, not terribly huge, great for the desk or collector shelf.

This is a great little piece, nice heft, good minimalist support, great for any Firefly fan. I'm debating buying another one and making a nice magnet out of it for the fridge.

Outstanding. I just can't wait for the rest of the set!

The quality on this is so good for the value. I can't wait for the next pieces. I even set a weekly reminder to check the store just in case it drops.

Exactly as expected.

Badger was to the same level of excellence of all of the figures and shipping took far longer than promised, as expected.

Loved it but...

it was smaller than expected. Anyways, two thumbs up and hoping i have more hands~


this pin is great but i rotates , so it can be sideways, or diagonal instead of upright