Hellboy Bank

Would you try to steal from Hellboy? Of course not! The Right Hand of Doom will keep your change safe or just look good on your desk or shelf. Our curators strive to find new products you’ve never seen before and this was designed specially for our Looters. (Made by Zak Designs)

Please note that while most international coins can fit into the slot, they are not able to come out of the hole on the bottom. Please check to see if your coins will fit through the bottom hole before placing into the bank!

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Customer Reviews

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Really cool item, but woulda been better if it was bigger

I got this in one of my Crates, & liked it so much I ordered another one when it became available here. I like to keep my change separated, so I have different size coins in different banks. It makes it easier when cashing them in. When I first got this bank, I put quarters in it. I don't recommend doing that. It holds quite a bit, but they're really difficult to get back out. It works great for dimes though.
I was hoping they'd do a similar (& maybe bigger) bank of the Infinity Gauntlet. Maybe for Avengers Endgame?

great collector piece

this little cool bank is worth the money and is quite collectible get them before there gone

Red means stop

Awesome penny bank and seems to be made from very durable material. Just check the measurements! It’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be. I’m very pleased with it though.


Hellboy Bank

Loved it

It is a bit small but my boyfriend absolutely loves Hellboy, it goes with my sense of decor, his sense of nerdines, and our desire to fill our home with the things we love.

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Real review not some paid Jackhole

It is solid with nicely made. It's rather large, a bit too big and heavy for real keychain use, but it's size let's it be really detailed. It's the detail and the fact its not some plastic one that will break if you touch it wrong which makes me suggest it to others.

Star Wars Vader Helmet Bi-Fold Wallet

Took awhile to ship, but great buy. Cheap price and outstanding quality!


This shirt is awesome. It fits so nicely and the design on is cool. I love the elements on the sleeve but, I do wish it was on both of sleeves.

We are Borg

It’s a purity nice figure