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In this cyberpunk series, a silent loner named Killy wanders the technological world known as "The City" searching for a special set of genetic markers. If found, they can be used to access the computerized network that controls it and perhaps save the last vestiges of humanity. Wear this Killy shirt whenever you need to feel a little more determined to complete your mission for the day! ( Licensed by Polygon Pictures. Made by Rock Me Apparel.)

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at first

This shirt was awesome at first loved how it looked washed it ONE time and I swear it shrunk inches now I can't even wear it without showing my stomach this is the first of their shirts i've ever had this problem with I'm not sure what was so different between this one and the rest

Get 3x the size you need

I got this a long time ago and I was looking forward to wearing it. I usually run an XL but this fit more like a medium-large so I sent an email and to loot crate's team I give them credit for trying to send a replacement...which was the exact same size when I clearly said 2x-3x. Oh, and if you wash and dry it they will fit like children's sizes after. ONLY GET IT IN SIZES 2 UP FROM WHAT YOU ARE


Good shirt. The only problem was why send it seperate from one of my other shirt?

Looks good

And it pretty nice.

LOVE the design, but runs small...

So, I got a Large because smalls (and I even tried medium) were out of stock, so I figured I'd just use it as a nightshirt / lounge shirt. I wanted it though because I love me some Killy and the design is great. This shirt is only a hair big though, and I could easily pull this off as one of my normal warned my large was definitely more like a smaller medium than a large.