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High Quality Replica

This is an awesome replica.
1:1 too, so perfect for cosplay.
It's perfectly detailed.

So Ugly, So Awesome

Living in Australia means wearing an ugly Christmas sweater in the heat of summer is a sure fire way to get heat stroke.
Thanks to my "ugly sweater" T from Loot Crate next xmas I'll get to be festive and comfortable!
Because it has a winter theme, without actual Christmas references, I've been able to wear it now (Winter in Aus) with a long sleeve shirt under it.
Multi seasonal clothes are the best!

Very good

It's a very good apron but it's a bit short and it's folded on the image when it arrives which causes creases


I missed the crate that this shirt was originally in and I bought it the second I saw it on here. I am not disappointed despite hyping myself into oblivion about it, so its a pretty nice shirt. Soft, great design, it's from the first game and not the second; nothing to hate.


Good quality, Didn't know included other stories

Overall, this is very good quality. I was not aware that the comic wasn't only about Superman and/or superheroes. That was a little disappointing. That was on me for not looking it up first though. Otherwise, good quality and seems like something that they used to sell.