Puella Magi Madoka Magica Figure

One day, a small, cat-like creature named Kyubey offers 8th grader Madoka Kaname and her friend Sayaki Miki a wish–any wish–to be granted. All they’d have to do in exchange is receive magical powers and fight witches. Easy, right? Well...not exactly. But friendship goes a long way to help get through the tough times. Let Madoka inspire you every day with this highly detailed Banpresto figure!

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Amazing quality, deal, and shipping!

Ordered this only a few days ago and it arrived today! Shipping came so much faster than I expected. The sale was great, so I had to snag this figure. It looks amazing too, amazing quality and absolutely beautiful!

Coolest surprise ever!

I saw this figurine online and absolutely loved it so of course I had to buy it. When it came both the delivery box and the figurine box were in perfect condition. I opened it and there she was! Beautiful! My brother saw a Marvel logo inside the delivery box and realized there were instructions on it for turning the box into something. After 10 minutes, we had a beautiful figurine and Thor's Hammer, Mulnir. Best box EVER!!! Definitely a fan for life!

Beautiful figure!

This is an awesome figure! My son is an avid collector of anime and manga figures, and is impressed by the quality and detail!

Great price, amzing figurine!

I was very surprised by the quality of this figurine, taking in account what I paid for it!
It's of excellent quality, and good size (around 17-20cm).
I loved the details and the paint job.
Very impressed, I highly recommend!!

I think you should really considerate in buying it.

Madoka's Figure was part of my very first order on LootVault. I was already aware of the reliability that LootCrate company put in their boxes, and that their products are original, no fakes. So, since the discount price was sooooooo good, I decided to buy this and other two items. As I expected the product is original, with amazing details and a dynamic pose, like Madoka just landed from above on the basement, with the wind blowing her cute bows and hairs. Even if this Banpresto/CraneKing type of products are "cheaper" than others figures, I can assure that she makes a great scene! The quality is perfect, and there are even details in the paint job decisions (for example, the shoes are painted with an opaque red, as they are made out of velvet fabric).
Even if the price may be misleading, I can assure this is an original piece, with a fine attention for detail!

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Great details

I love my Serenity keychain! It is a heavy duty very detailed replica of the ship.

Great addition to collection

As a big fan of Bob’s Burgers and collecting enamel pins, this was a great get at a fantastic price. Maybe a little smaller than some other pins that I have, but not really a problem for me.

My kid is ecstatic.

I bought it for my daughter for her birthday. She couldn't be happier with it.

Awesome product!!!

It's just as seen on the vault, also it's a very fine product. Got it under perfect conditions and clearly can see it was handled as should be (Fragile product). Amazing for the gift it I planned!!!