Minecraft Redstone Light-Up Cube

First featured in the Mine Chest subscription, you can get your own Redstone light up cube on the Loot Vault!

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Pretty cool little item

I bought this for my son and he loves it I wish I would of bought 2 so I can get one too

Good gift

I got this for my friend for her birthday as a half jokey gift, half serious one and she loved it so if she’s happy with it, I’m happy to give a good review.

Perfect, goes well with my diamond cube

I have the diamond Minecraft light up cube as well as a couple of the torches & I was thrilled to see the redstone light up cube in the vault! And at such a good price too.
The size is perfect for display & looks nice next to my diamond version. I noticed several people stating you have to tap the cube harder than you would think to make it light up & cycle through the different brightness levels. This is true, but I think I know why this happens. My diamond cube is the opposite, it seems like a strong breeze will light it up. It’s so sensitive that I actually turn the switch to off in order to avoid running through batteries like wildfire. Maybe that’s why the redstone requires a harder tap? They were trying to fix a design flaw. Either way, soft or hard tap? I love it!

Great little desk accessory

Great little accessory for my desk, but as the others have said it is less responsive than you would have thought. Takes more than a little tap (sometimes) to activate but still great and worth the low price! No small parts so would be great for young(ish) Minecraft fans!

Cute but a little difficult

The Minecraft redstone cube is very cute! it's a good size, just a little bigger than my fist, and the light is surprisingly bright. the various dimmer settings are great too. It looses one star for me because you have to hit it pretty hard or in just the right spot to change the dimmer, and there's no off switch which makes me worry that it's constantly using the battery. All in all though, it's great, fun toy.

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It doesn't shrink like him

But thats a good thing! its an amazing quality tshirt! i love it!

Great shirt

Very pretty shirt, design-wise. Print is excellent. All the right details are in place. T-shirt itself isn’t too stiff. Really happy with it.

Cool product

This is a pretty cool badge to put on display or to use as a cosplay prop.

Fun book

This is a fun book to read when you're just trying to kill time. Excellent conversation starter.

Great quality beach towel

I'm a huge fan of Dead Island and this towel is perfect! I use it constantly.