TRON: Legacy Vinyl Record

This original soundtrack to the 2010 motion picture is composed entirely by the multi-platinum, Electronic duo Daft Punk. Having grown up as fans of the original 80’s Tron film, it's no accident that the group's two visionary musicians, Guy-Manuel de Homen-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, took on this project as their film scoring debut. To bring the music to life, the duo assembled a symphony of one hundred world class musicians in London and recorded the orchestra at AIR Lyndhurst Studios, Britain's premier scoring facility. This is a must have for any Tron or Daft Punk fan. 

Disc One
1. Overture
2. The Grid 
3. The Son of Flynn
4. Recognizer
5. Armory
6. Arena
7. Rinzler
8. The Game Has Changed
9. Outlands
10. Adagio for TRON
11. Nocturne
12. End of Line
13. Derezzed 
14. Fall
15. Solar Sailer
16. Rectifier 
17. Disc Wars

Disc Two 
18. C.L.U.
19. Arrival
20. Flynn Lives
21. TRON Legacy (End Titles)
22. Finale
23. Sea of Stimulation
24. Encom Part II
25. Encom Part I
26. Round One
27. Castor
28. Reflections
29. Sunrise Prelude

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Awesome shirt fits great

good material, would be better with pockets. if i add pockets it will cover the print of the armor :(

An unexpected purchase

These are possibly the funniest thing to ever come out of the “alien” franchise and when I first laid eyes on this, I bought 3
My brothers and I love them
Will buy again as a gag gift

Cant wait to get them... wish they had leonardo and donatello tho


Love it, it’s simple, it’s just the symbol with no reference to any one of games. Perfect for a cosplay costume or just to wear around.