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it's a lovely figurine! definitely one of the nicest i own. i'm still shocked it was being sold for 6$

2nd one of these I have now.

First one I got with the regular same crate everything was good. Bought a second one for a friend this one came in with the box crushed


A little smaller then I was hoping for, but with the price I paid and how fast it got here that makes up for it. Definitely will buy from here again!!

What happened.sold 5. Out of stock

Need to let fans know when an item hits and is coming to vault. And exclusives should not sell out in 1 day

Perfect for a display!

I have an Atari 2600 (heavy emphasis on Activision) shrine and this made the perfect little accessory to bring it to life. It looks really cool and glowy with the fairy lights I added around the display, and it's really retro and fun looking.