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Better late as all H*** than never arriving at all... right?...... amirite?!...

Imma start off by saying that I F***ing love LootCrate and everything/one about/involved with it. Your work & service are appreciated

The Good - My Mob Psycho 100XL Tee arrived to me in perfect condition. The exclusive sticker and all. I was giddy as a little school girlwhen it finally got here.

The Bad - The only problem I had and the only real problem I have with LC in general. MyTee was apart of a larger order that was shipped ahead of it. So ahead in fact it was almost like they forgot my Tee altogether. I totally understand having to wait and gather all items purchased and whatever else hassle like protocols shops like this have to go through but I waited almost a month to get my Tee. Totally worth it(MyOpinion) although I wouldn’t gamble on everyone having that kinda patience. That was the only issue in my eyes. Special shout~out to JeremyO from customer service. Extremely professional and friendly and helpful in getting my Tee to me. ThanksDude.ps. Can you help a brother out getting my other partial orders filled?....

Love it

Great fit. Great color scheme. Love it!

So much better than expected

Seriously, these lounge pants are amazing!!! The quality is top notch. The fabric is soft, the length is great, the waist is reinforced, there’s a button fly and it has pockets!!! I would have bought these if I saw them in a store. Probably the best lounge pants I’ve ever owned.

Female version is perfect!!!

I’m a huge fan of Ripple Junction, which is the company that made this shirt. I got an XL and it fits great. The length is nice, the fabric is soft, the stitching is solid. Plus it’s really unique. I always get compliments when I wear it. I couldn’t be happier.

Not bad, one thing tho

Got an XL and it fits my body, but the arms feel like they're from a medium in how I had to squeeze in.. thays the only gripe tho!